Jerry Bettridge - Mortgage Broker
Jerry Bettridge - Mortgage Broker

A successful solution to your mortgage needs.

Jerry Bettridge gained his knowledgeable mortgage training experience while working in the finance industry for 7 ½ years and then for the largest Bank in North America for 3 ½ years and since 1982 has been an active Mortgage Broker serving all of Ontario. Jerry specializes in arranging first and second mortgages with his Private Investor’s for any worthwhile purpose, including stopping a Power of Sale.   No Credit Check or Minimum Score is required as equity is the main criteria in approving all mortgages. Some clients are business-for-self and cannot prove their income. Jerry has investors who specialize in these mortgages. All types of properties are considered including residential, commercial, industrial, cottages, vacant land, bridge financing, construction financing, and farm mortgages. These mortgages are arranged in the comfort of your own home or office. Call (519) 670-4721 today for more information, or to set up an appointment.

No qualifying for home owners subject to equity. Mortgage Broker has private funds available for hard to place mortgages.  Bruised or bad credit, self-employed, past bankruptcy, debt consolidations, bank turn downs, Power of Sale, property tax arrears.

Instant Commitment

Residential, Commercial, Cottages, Vacant land, Bridge financing, Construction financing and Farm mortgages available.

Mortgages arranged in the comfort of your own home. 


Private investor for difficult situations - No credit checks - No minimum score.

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